The one stop mobility solution to keep the customer engaged in the repair lifecycle

Auda Watch

This web application is accessible by customers (vehicle owners) that are not registered on AXN. Customers should be able to log in to the system to inquire some information using a simple query field where he can enter his phone number.

Reduce Phone Calls

The latest vehicle repair status and photos are available 24/7 on the web and delivered via automated text and email alerts, meaning your customers will be more informed and have fewer reasons to call. The customer portal can even be integrated into your existing website, the customer simply logs in with their phone number.

Reducing incoming phone calls means substantial productivity increases and real cash savings for you! AudaWatch provides you workflow management tools from start-to-finish, tracking the progress on your workshop floor and allowing you to manage by exception, speeding up your processes and increasing throughput.

No Special Hardware Required

AudaWatch is 100% web-based so no special hardware or installation is required!

Powered by a mobile app available for any iOS or Android device, AudaWatch takes smash repair shops on average no more than 15 minutes a day to update every customer with photos and status for all vehicles in a shop.